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Shop: Sick Creations Tattoo and Body Piercing
Artist: Justin DeGroff
Location: Wrist
Background: I knew, even at a young ago, that I loved tattoos. Using my body as a canvas was very appealing and when I conveyed that to my parents, I got a reaction I really didn’t expect. Well dad wasn’t too fond of it. Immediate “No,” but I kept pushing. I mean, I was only 15 when I first brought it up in conversation. “Mom, Dad, I would like to get a sleeve one day.” That doesn’t always go over well with parents. By the time I was 16, my mom actually said she started putting in some thought for a tattoo for herself. I was lucky enough that she asked if I wanted to be included in that decision. Of course, I was all for it. I caught her searching on Tattoo Johnny at images of a flower. The lotus represents many things, but to my mom and I, it is a symbol for compassion; something I lacked as a teenager. “Look down and you’ll be able to remind yourself to be…” As the years went by, I still think about how it’s a symbol for compassion, but now that’s not all it means to me. I look at the lotus flower on my wrist and see my mom.


Shop: Altered Art Tattoo and Piercing
Artist: Rich Bevilacqua
Location: Right Rib
Background: My grand mom, Josephine, is someone I aspire to be someday. She’s strong, kind hearted, and the cutest little Italian woman you’ll ever meet in her life. She worked as a seamstress ever since I can remember. She would sew all my clothes if I needed, my prom dresses, anything, she could do it. In honor of her and her skill, I had her sign a piece of paper and turn it into art. The tears rolling down her face when I showed her were absolutely priceless. She may not be a fan of tattoos, but her reaction said it all.

1194_4230016077534_1762306044_nShop: Sick Creations Tattoo and Piercing
Location: Top of Foot
Background: A “Daddy’s Girl” is probably one of the best ways to describe my relationship with my dad. We bond over a lot of things, but my favorite is my Jeep. Countless hours were spent in our garage together, listening to Frank Sinatra, tearing apart a $650 Jeep and turning it into something  I can be proud of for the rest of my life. In that same garage, on the wall was a quote my dad has always drilled into my brain. “Think positive,” he would always say. The days were I’m having a terrible day, my head is looking down, but I look right back up once it catches my eye.

1098126_10200356123454567_92307901_nShop: Altered Art Tattoo and Piercing
Artist: Lee Cramer
Locations: Right Shoulder Blade and Left Thigh
Background: “The Best is yet to come.” is the quote on my grandfather’s tomb stone. He passed away March 2008, one of the worst days of my Dad’s life. I had my dad write out the quote for me and now I can carry a piece of both of them with me.


Shop: Altered Art Tattoo and Piercing
Artist: Lee Cramer
Location: Left Thigh
Background: This piece came to mind when I was sitting in my Television Production class in college. My ultimate career goal is to work in television, which got it’s big start in the 1950s. I realized how much significance that decade had in my life after research. This is the start of my 1950s theme side piece. A portrait of my grandparents, the same involving the previous tattoos, on their wedding day. The year was 1956.

Shop: Altered Art Tattoo and Piercing
Artist: Lee Cramer
Location: Left Hip
Background: Adding to the 1950s piece, I wanted to incorporate Frank Sinatra, of course. With the quote, my Jeep, my dad, my entire family, Frank Sinatra has always been a big part of my life and growing up. It was only fitting to use his 1955 In The Wee Small Hours album cover and an old jukebox.


Shop: Altered Art Tattoo and Piercing
Artist: Lee Cramer
Location: Left Side/Rib
Background: Another session dedicated to an amazing era

Not quite finished - roughly one session left on this 1950s piece.
Not quite finished – roughly one session left on this 1950s piece.



Shop: Pink Wall Gym Tattoo Co. (LA, California)
Artist: Ramon Alexander
Location: Upper Right Thigh
Background: Where do I go next?


2 thoughts on “My Ink”

  1. Absolutely love your tattoos
    I searched as i specifically want a Frank one as i have loved him since i was 6 but want something unique and incredible as it will be my first.
    Thanks and i am going to google the place that did this…

    Liked by 1 person

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