Featured Ink: Corey Robinson Pays Tribute to a Family Bond

Robinson's favorite picture of his father's ship, SeaWatcher. Photo credit: Chris Robinson
Robinson’s favorite picture of his father’s ship, SeaWatcher. Photo credit: Chris Robinson

The idea behind Corey Robinson’s half sleeve comes from his memories growing up on the water. Corey Robinson’s father, Larry Robinson, has been a well known Clammer on the east coast for most of Corey’s life. This job is known to be one of the deadliest jobs in the world. Both of his grandfathers were also ship captains. Corey has had the opportunity to see his older brother, Chris Robinson, who worked along side his father for the past 16 years, and other family members, like this uncles, come together and share their experiences and stories with him. The tattoo is a tribute to their hard work, and dedication to their careers and families.

Artist: Nick Busher
Instagram: @NickBusher
Shop: Bloodline Ink (Pleasantville, NJ)




The numbers in the tattoo represent the fishing town in North Carolina where Robinson grew up. The ship is from an actual picture of the family’s fleet. All details of the tattoo symbolize the lives of the fishermen. Robinson’s newest addition to the tattoo is the captain.

The first ship Robinson’s dad Larry worked on belonged to his father, Roy. The ship’s name was Capt. Stacey II and Roy was the ship’s captain. Larry became the captain of the ship, Judy Marie at age 19. The senior Robinson was a shrimp boat captain in North Carolina when he tragically passed away doing what he loved. He died of a heart attack while fishing on his nephew’s boat.

On December 8, 1963, The William Lake sank off of the coast of Atlantic City. There were four men on the ship. One of them was the captain, and Robinson’s grandfather on his mother’s side. After swimming five miles to shore, they caught hyperthermia. All four men survived.

His father is currently working in the same location of where The Perfect Storm of 1991 hit. “He has seen some of the worst storms,” said Cory Robinson. Robinson explains the nights when they would be laying in bed asleep, and the ship would hit massive waves so hard that they would almost be standing up their beds. Many times they would have to strap themselves to the deck of the boat so they wouldn’t wash overboard. In 2004, Robinson’s father got stuck in one of the biggest storms of his career. Waves slammed against his ship, knocking him out of his captain’s chair. Robinson’s mother recalls the incident because she was on the phone with her husband while it was going on. They thought the ship was sinking. He ended up with broken ribs and another crew member broke his wrist, but the ship remained afloat.

Below are images gathered by Corey Robinson and taken throughout the years by friends and family.

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