Featured Ink: Cassandra Hartman Transforms the Elephant in Honor of Her Grandmothers


Remembrance tattoos are very common, but Cassandra Hartman had a design in mind that would blend the two different relationships that she shared with her grandmothers. Hartman gave credit to her “creative mind” when she initially gave the idea to the artist who then put it down on paper.

Cassandra Hartman's elephant rendition
Cassandra Hartman’s elephant rendition

“I tried drawing what was in my head a million times and it just wasn’t coming out how I wanted. So, I picked Mitchell because I loved his style,” explained Hartman.

Mitchell Faul, an artist from Vineland, New Jersey worked with Hartman for weeks as the tattoo she envisioned came to life. “We’d tweak it until it was perfect. He’s amazing,” according to Hartman.

Mitchell Faul's original drawing of the tattoo
Mitchell Faul’s original drawing of the tattoo

The elephant represents a large collection of miniature elephant sculptures her grandmother on her father’s side had. Little trinkets, some stone, some glass, wood, ceramic, crystal, etc. were passed down to Hartman after she lost her grandmother to cancer.

The elephant’s trunk is transformed into a scorpion’s tail, which represents Hartman and her grandmother on her mother’s side’s zodiac sign. The two even share a birthday.

Hartman took her drawing to Altered Art Tattoo and Piercing where she was introduced to Rich Bevilacqua. She had her first tattoo done at this same shop with her older sister, Elizabeth, but with a different artist.

Symbol for “sisters” turned sideways to represent the H in Hartman – “Sisters Forever”
Screen Shot 2015-02-14 at 12.32.39 AM
Cassandra Hartman (Left) and her older sister, Elizabeth Hartman (Right)

After Bevilacqua sized the image and they picked the right placement, the tattoo, in total, took roughly one and a half hours. Hartman described the pain as, “Not that bad” until Bevilacqua hit spots like her back and closer to her chest.

“My tattoo is very unique and special to me. It incorporates two of my favorite people and it’s sentimental value makes this piece of artwork even more beautiful.” – Cassandra Hartman

Screen Shot 2015-02-14 at 12.33.19 AM


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