My goal for this page is to tell the stories behind the ink. I want to be able to portray how tattoos can affect someone’s life in negative or positive ways through events held, past or present. I’ll be attending the Philadelphia Tattoo Convention and also visiting tattoo shops to feature them on my site. I want to get the opinions of the elderly, the artist, the tattoo-ee, the president of that dream job you’re looking to land.


One thought on “Goals”

  1. I really like your use of pictures. Since you’re dealing with tattoos, that’s a necessity. and you have great shots. One in particular that stuck out to me was the black and white picture of the girl with the elephant tattoo, where only the elephant was in color. I also really liked your most recent post about the tattoo in memory of her grandfather. It really played on my emotions. I like the “My Ink” page as well, as it really gives evidence of your involvement in the “tattoo community,” and shows what makes you qualified to write on the subject.

    As a suggestion, maybe try to get a Q&A with someone while they are getting or are about to get their first tattoo. Perhaps a brief before Q&A session followed by a brief after, documenting their experience of a first tattoo for someone like me that doesn’t have any, but would like one. Maybe even get a video of them getting their tattoo if the person getting tattooed and the artist allow it.


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