Inking about it…

12814359_10206293571487057_6910718828539864455_nWe live in a world where tattoos still aren’t always socially acceptable. My name is Nina. My goal is to someday become a news anchor and be in the public eye. What do you think people would say about me if I had a full sleeve telling you the latest with whatever is going on in the world that day? Would I be taken seriously? Would I even get the job to begin with? Funny thing is, I have over ten hours worth of ink on my body. Almost every spot can be covered even wearing shorts and short sleeves. I love tattoos and my ink is very significant to me. I love sharing my stories, hearing others, and getting opinions, even if they aren’t always so positive.

INK It Over is looking for writers and photographers looking to build their portfolio.


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Breaking down the stereotypes surrounding the tattooed society, telling their story, and giving the behind the scenes of artists in the Greater Philadelphia Area.